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1:15 PM 20th December 2022

Cyber Monday Breaks Records At Fulfilmentcrowd

Cyber Monday demand broke records at international logistics provider fulfilmentcrowd, with the company reporting a 27% increase year-on-year on goods purchased by online shoppers.

The Chorley-headquartered company, which operates a network of 14 fulfilment centres and handles eCommerce orders for 500 retailers, saw demand for its services on Cyber Monday (28th November) outstrip the traditional Black Friday spike and buck a downward trend in online shopping orders in the run-up to Christmas.

Chris White
Chris White
Chris White, Chief Delivery Officer at fulfilmentcrowd, explains:
“Online shoppers buying more goods meant that our fulfilment centres picked a record number of products on Cyber Monday. We saw a rapid rise in sales of a range of different goods, with consumers snapping-up bargains in a bid to save money as their disposable incomes are squeezed by extreme living costs.

“In the run-up to Black Friday, total sales volumes across our base of 500 retailers were trending at around 2.7% down compared to last year, and we expected to see a release of pent-up demand on Black Friday. However, this spike came at the end of the weekend on Cyber Monday because shoppers were holding out for the best sales promotions and discounts.”

While fulfilmentcrowd experienced overall demand from shoppers across the UK, it also reported a 9% increase in items being purchased on Cyber Monday by shoppers across the EU. In addition to its seven UK centres, the company operates a network of seven fulfilment centres in France, Germany, and Holland, as well as the US, enabling UK-based eCommerce retailers to effectively sell goods to customers beyond UK shores.

Chris added: “We saw an increase in goods being bought by EU shoppers because UK eCommerce retailers are making more effort to expand their target markets. They’re looking to spread risk and grow sales by reaching a larger pool of potential customers outside of the UK. We’re helping make this possible for them through a network of fulfilment centres that minimises the costs and complexities of Brexit. For many UK eCommerce retailers, it can be as easy to sell to customers in Manchester as those ordering from Munich.”

As the shopping days until Christmas rapidly run out, Chris believes the Black Monday spike is a positive sign for retailers. He explains: “Although many retailers saw a sales boost on Black Friday, Cyber Monday proved busier because shoppers are more price-sensitive and value driven than ever before. They’re willing to wait for price cuts and for this reason we could see a flurry of last-minute shopping before the big day, as well as a boom in sales around the traditional Boxing Day and January sales events.”