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Graham Clark
Music Features Writer
12:00 AM 8th July 2024

Courteeners - Evening Glory At Lytham Festival

Liam Fray
Photo: Lytham Festival
Liam Fray Photo: Lytham Festival
As Oasis' Morning Glory sounded out over the PA system before Courteeners arrived on stage to headline the Friday night slot at Lytham Festival, the moment felt justified; both bands come from Manchester and share the same musical landscape, as well as the same set of fans. Both acts could easily sell out the festival, and the fact that 25,000 spectators watched an incredible sold-out performance—the festival's biggest ever audience—backed up the claim.

Armed with a set of indie classics to thrill a northern audience, Courteeners were never going to disappoint, and they never did, as over ninety minutes the band proved why they remain one of the best bands to emerge from the north this century.

Many have said that lead singer Liam Fray, who writes all Courteeners songs, is the main focus of the group. With the rest of the band dressed in black, Fray wearing white trousers and a black and yellow shirt, attention naturally turned to the enigmatic frontman.

“I was made for you, Lytham,” sang Fray, changing the words of The Opener. Standing on Lytham Green with 24,999 other fans singing back the song in unison felt as if we were all on the same winning team—the first euphoric moment of many on a night that felt momentous and magical.

Liam Fray
Photo: Lytham Festival
Liam Fray Photo: Lytham Festival
Pink Cactus Cafe premiered new songs that didn't solely focus on the past, transporting the audience to a cafe mystically located near a beach in Marseille. Displaying a more laid-back approach to their normal indie fare, the track showed a softer side to Fray’s songwriting.

After a brief acoustic set that showcased Fray's songs, only one song could bring this unforgettable show to a close: Not Nineteen Forever had the audience singing so loudly they could probably hear it just up the road in Blackpool.

Nevertheless, Courteeners delivered a sensational set tonight that will live on in memory for years to come.