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5:29 PM 24th December 2021

Cocktails To Enjoy This Festive Season

The Christmas festivities are upon us and whether you're spending time with friends or family here are a few delightful Christmassy concoctions to try.

Christmas Pudding Hot Toddy

50ml Jose Cuervo Reposado infused with Christmas Pudding
15ml Fresh lemon juice
10ml Redcurrant & ginger syrup
50ml Hot Water
Christmas Pudding on the side (of course)

Roast Chestnut Eggnog

50ml Reposado Jose Cuervo
10ml Roast Chestnut buttermilk syrup
50ml Custard
10ml Chocolate liqueur
1 Egg white (Shaken and fine strained)
Nutmeg stencil

Candy Cane Sour

50ml Blanco Jose Cuervo
15ml Cranberry liqueur
10ml Candy Cane sugar syrup
25ml Fresh lime juice
1 Egg white

Shaken and fine strained over ice and garnished with Mint, Candy Cane & Powdered sugar

All the Trimmings

50ml Bacon-fat washed Jose Cuervo Reposado
7.5ml Maple syrup
1 dash Brussel sprout bitters

Stirred down over ice and garnished with a slice of bacon and candied Brussel sprout