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Andrew Palmer
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1:03 AM 18th November 2023

Classical Music: Postcards From Italy

Postcards from Italy - Italian Music for Film

Ennio Morricone arranged and orchestrated by Paolo Silvestri The Mission; Gabriel's Oboe; The Falls; The Legend of 1900 -Playing Love; Nuovo Cinema Paradiso - Nostalgia*, Looking for You (Love Theme); Once upon a Time in America - Deborah's Theme**, Main Theme*; Malèna - Main Theme Joseph Lacalle (1859-1937), arranged and orchestrated by Ennio Morricone, then rearranged and orchestrated by Paolo Silvestri: Once upon a Time in America Amapola Nino Rota (1911-1979), orchestrated by Paolo Silvestri: Amarcord - Theme; The Godfather: The Godfather Waltz, Reminiscence of Sicilian Pastorale, Love Theme; Themes from La dolce vita; Paolo Silvestri Controvento - Theme Gato Barbieri arranged and orchestrated by Paolo Silvestri: Last Tango in Paris Theme

Marco Albonetti, soprano saxophone
Michelangelo Carbonara, piano *
Vincenzo Bolognese, violin **
Roma Sinfonietta Paolo Silvestri, conductor

Chandos CHAN 20291

Dear Reader, having a wonderful time listening to Marco Albonetti and the Roma Sinfonietta. I wish you were here...

....and you could transport yourself to the warmer Italian climate, with saxophonist Marco Albonetti who has turned to the rich tradition of film music from his native Italy, for his third album on the Chandos label.

He writes: “Film music has been described as the defining new genre of classical music in the twentieth century. It engages both the ear and the heart of an audience. The masterpieces composed by two Italian film composers in particular, Nino Rota and Ennio Morricone, embody the cultural identity of most Italians.”

This haunting disc conveys different emotions created through different evocative sounds and moods and a wonderfully atmospheric light touch from Roma Sinfonietta, which accompany with rhythmic precision, never intruding as Albonetti’s sax delivers a rich tapestry of colour. The strings are powerful in providing a cushion for the sax to rest on, some lovely pizzicato, and Michelangelo Carbonara’s contribution on piano is a beautiful addition as is Vincenzo Bolognese's expressive violin 

Time stands still. The pace is perfectly judged, and the dynamics create an aural sound that sets the imagination's cogs whirring.

Throughout, Albonetti’s skill shines through with well-crafted lines that deliver a well-known melody, such as the haunting Godfather Waltz, with such tenderness. His instrument is resonant, capturing the moment as it does in the Reminiscence of Sicilian Pastarole from the Godfather and Oh, that Love Theme—three minutes of one of the most familiar film classics that sets the heart fluttering. The sensuousness oozes from each piece as it draws the listener into a romantic setting with all-round expressive playing.

Albonetti, along with his friends from Roma Sinfonietta, has created an aural postcard, one that paints visuals in the imagination or leads us instantly to recall a precious memory.

Turn the lights down, pour yourself a drink, press play, and join Albonetti on his journey through the Italian filmscape and capture the spirit.