Lancashire Times
Weekend Edition
4:02 AM 10th July 2021

COVID Phrases You Need For Travelling Across Europe This Summer

Britons looking to soak up the sun this summer are being offered a comprehensive list of translated COVID terms to help with their travels.

The language experts at Busuu have compiled a list of key phrases including ‘Do you have hand gel?’, ‘How do I scan in?’ and ‘I got the Pfizer vaccine’ to help passengers navigate any possible language barriers they may face.

As more European countries start appearing on the green travel list, many vaccinated Brits will be looking to get away this summer for possibly the first time since 2019.

And with the pandemic still in full flow across Europe, effective communication regarding safety and guidelines has never been so important.

Busuu has translated some of the vital COVID related questions and phrases into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Turkish for the ease of British travellers.

Hannah Morris, Senior English Language Expert at Busuu said: "The essential words and phrases needed abroad have changed a tad post-COVID.

“Sure, you'll still need to know how to say 'please' and 'thank you', but who would have thought you'd be learning how to say 'Do I need to wear a face covering?' or 'I've lost my PCR result'?

“Certainly not me a year and a half ago!"