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4:00 AM 21st August 2021

CAN-AU-VIN – New Survey: Britons Now Get Their Wine In A Can

A new survey has revealed more than half of Millennials and Gen-Zers in Britain now choose wine served in cans.

Some 52 percent of people aged 18 to 44 drink wine in cans or plan to do so in the next 12 months.

photo by Craig Upshaw
photo by Craig Upshaw
This compares to 38 percent of people aged 45 to 54, while just under one-in-four (22%) people aged 65 would choose their wine in a can.

The growth in outdoor socialising due to the coronavirus pandemic has seen wine in cans becoming a staple of picnic baskets up and down the country.

The representative poll of 1,000 UK adults was carried out between June 3 and June 7 by polling company Norstat.

Sparkling white and rosé were most often cited as Britons’ favourite canned wines (33%).
Some 56 percent of Londoners of all ages would now choose wine in cans, the largest UK group by location.

Canned wines are lightweight, easily-carried and allow for easy single-use portion control. Aluminium cans are also the most widely recycled beverage package in the world, reaching an average of 76% in Europe and 82% in the UK.[i]

The UK market for canned wines is witnessing explosive growth.

According to NielsenIQ, the market for wine in cans grew by some 106% percent in the year to September 2020.[ii] Globally the nascent market was valued at £152 million in 2020.[iii]

photo by Laurel F
photo by Laurel F
A full spectrum of wines is now available in aluminium beverage cans – from merlot and malbec to sauvignon blanc and sparkling rosé.

The growth of wine in cans in the UK is being mirrored internationally too: In the US some 68 percent of people aged 18-24 drink wine in cans or plan to do so.
While in Chile – famous for its cabernet sauvignon, merlot and carmenère grape varieties - almost 3-in-4 adults of all ages are embracing canned wines.

In a similar recent study in Brazil[iv], acceptance was highest among younger female consumers, with 57% of women aged 25 to 34 willing to drink canned wine.
The survey was commissioned by Ball Beverage Packaging EMEA.

Carey Causey, President, Ball Beverage Packaging EMEA said:
“We are seeing more and more people embrace wine in cans – both because of their high recyclability and convenience for outdoor socialising. Cans are a great way to enjoy your favourite wine whenever and wherever you want. As their potential to also contribute to a circular economy is more widely understood, we expect this trend for canned wines to grow even more.”

Richard Lloyd, General Manager, European Operations and Supply Chain, Accolade Wines said:

“We are seeing more and more demand for wine in cans throughout the UK. This is an extremely exciting area of growth for us. More and more of our consumers are going to be enjoying wine in cans in the future.”

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[iii] Survey commissioned by Ball and conducted by NielsenIQ with 1,000 Brazilian consumers of wine and other alcoholic beverages aged between 25 and 50. Participants completed an online questionnaire in November 2020.