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4:00 AM 17th July 2021

Blackpool Seafront Hotel Launches The UK’s First Gin Herb Garden

ARTB&B has opened its own gin herb garden where guests can pick their garnish to go alongside the popular Blackpool Rock Gin

ArtB&B Blackpool, a one-of-a-kind small hotel, has announced the launch of the UK’s first ‘Gin Herb Garden’ at the seafront hotel.

The herbs which include mint, rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme, lavender are the perfect pairings to go alongside the Blackpool Rock Gin, which is offered to guests of the hotel as a gift experience package upon arrival or available poured at the hotel’s bar.

Alongside the herb garden, ArtB&B’s resident mixologist has crafted a range of Blackpool Rock Gin cocktails which are designed to be perfectly complemented by the freshly picked garnishes.

The Blackpool Rock Gin is expertly distilled, and hand crafted, using 10 premium botanicals. The base gin is made to the London Dry standard and single source spirit, produced in the North West of England.

The Gin Herb Garden has been built and planted by Fylde Repair café as a community garden project for the Blackpool area.

The Blackpool Rock Gin collection comprises of the original pink gin, which contains real Blackpool Rock from one of the oldest family rock factories in Blackpool, which leaves the palette with a subtly sweet flavour and the Limited Edition 125 Years London Dry Gin, which has been created and produced to celebrate innovations such as the building of the Tower and the Grand Theatre.

Guests will be able to purchase the ‘gift experience’ package from reception upon check in, which includes the Original Pink Gin, a selection of tonics and a guide on the best herbs to pair their pour with from the ‘Gin Herb Garden’.

The range of Blackpool Rock Gin will be used in a selection of cocktails at the ARTB&B bar, with the combination of flavours being the perfect accompaniment for days outdoors and soaking up the sunshine.

Cocktails include the Blackpool Slammer made up of Disaronno and Southern Comfort, the Gin Rosemary Gimlet, which includes rosemary syrup made from the herbs grown in the garden and a Hugo which has been created with Prosecco, elderflower and finished with mint from the garden.

The two king room suites will include the Blackpool Rock Gin for those wanting to enjoy a tipple from the comfort of their own room or the Blackpool Rock Gin is served daily at the hotel bar with a range of mixers to choose from.