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5:48 PM 26th November 2021

Black Friday Re-invented: Help Raise Over £25,000 For Vulnerable Dogs

Whilst we’re all busy shopping to celebrate Black Friday, one brand are hoping to remind us that we ought to be giving back too. ProDog Raw, a raw dog food brand, are hosting an event in honour of Black Friday from today until Monday 29th November; proving that whilst Black Friday might be exciting, this weekend can be about so much more than frivolous shopping.

More specifically, ProDog Raw’s ‘Dog Friday’ celebrations are striving to raise over £25,000 for three deserving dog charities: All Dogs Matter, a renowned rescue and rehoming charity, Dogs 4 Wildlife, an anti-poaching dogs charity, and Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, a local, independent charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted, abandoned, and often mistreated cats and dogs. Meanwhile, ProDog Raw are hoping to rehome three adorable dogs who are currently struggling to find their forever families – Millie, Moose, and Monty.

How are ProDog Raw hoping to do this?
Through a series of online events and prize draws which allow dog lovers from across the country to help save deserving dogs’ lives. From an online dog show to ProDog Raw’s ‘Ultimutt Mega Draw’ with prizes worth over £4,000, there are a wide range of family-friendly events which have been created to garner invaluable donations.

ProDog Raw’s ‘Ultimutt Mega Draw’ contains a range of prizes for those who so kindly contribute.

These include:
a trip out walking with Europe’s leading canine expert Anneka Svenska,
consultation time with Dr. Nick Thompson, The Holistic Vet,
a two-night stay at a luxury, dog-friendly hotel,
a dog activity tracker,
free ProDog Raw food for 6 months,
2 ProDog supplements of the winner’s choice,
a personalised nutrition consultation,
luxury dog bed, and, much, much more.

Tickets for ‘Dog Friday’ cost just £2, with all proceeds going to ProDog Raw’s chosen charities. Thanks to ProDog Raw, it couldn’t be easier for dog owners and dog lovers to support Britain’s canines, ensuring they live happy, healthy lives from the comfort of their own homes. To purchase a ticket, visit

The need for an event like this is indisputable; thousands of dogs across Britain fall victim to abuse and neglect, leaving them frightened, in poor health and untrusting of human companionship. This reality is devastating and for ProDog Raw, a business created to protect and nurture dogs’ health, it’s something we need to address immediately. By raising this much money, countless dogs can be connected with loving homes, brought back to health, and loved; every donation makes a tremendous difference and with Christmas fast approaching, this heart-wrenching issue is particularly close to many of our hearts.

Discussing Dog Friday and why it’s so important, Stuart Toogood from ProDog Raw says:
"Black Friday is a global event and for the entire weekend millions of people become engrossed with endless deals and price cuts. As a result, dog owners leave their pets at home for long periods of time to go out shopping, or simply become distracted by shopping online. Meanwhile, thousands of dogs are living in abusive and/or unhealthy environments.

"At ProDog Raw, we felt addressing both issues simultaneously would have a hugely positive effect; our events encourage dog lovers to enjoy all of the fun we have planned whilst staying at home with their pets.

"Meanwhile, they can of course help us raise thousands of pounds for these incredible charities. In our minds, we’re addressing the issues that accompany Black Friday whilst continuing to inspire long-lasting, meaningful change within the pet sector.

"As a team, we are desperate to raise over £25,000 this year for our three chosen charities but to do that, we need everyone’s help. I would be honoured for every dog lover to attend Black Friday online, or simply donate if they have busy schedules. The smallest of gestures will help us reach our goal whilst saving dogs from lives filled with abuse, poverty and fear."