Lancashire Times
Weekend Edition
3:49 PM 22nd January 2021

Big Energy Saving Week: Expert Reveals Tips On Reducing Energy Consumption

In honour of Big Energy Saving Week, running from January 18th to 24th, the experts at are keen to share their tips on how to reduce your energy consumption.

According to industry regulator Ofgem, the average UK household spends around £1,254 each year on a standard variable energy plan.

Even with the cheapest gas and electricity tariff, there are always ways to save on your bills at home.

Here are a few tips to cut your consumption:

Turn down your thermostat

One degree may not feel like much of a difference, but it certainly adds up to savings over time. Turn down your thermostat just one degree and you could save up to £75/year from this action alone.

Install a smart thermostat
Smart thermostats only heat the rooms you are using. They’re fully programmable and learn your household habits over time to predict when and where you’ll need heat. You can control them via smartphone apps, which means you can turn heating off remotely when you’re not home.

Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances
Don’t rush to throw away your current appliances, but when they’ve come to the end of their natural lifespan you should upgrade to a more energy-efficient model. Look for colour-coded energy ratings before you buy. They may cost more upfront but they can more than repay the initial outlay in reduced energy bills over time.

Switch off standby mode
Shave money off your energy bills by remembering to turn off your appliances when they’re not in use. Leaving your electronic devices in standby mode is a waste of electricity, particularly as you can now buy standby savers.

Draught-proof your home
Most homes will lose some heat through draughts around windows, doors, and flooring. According to Energy Saving Trust, sealing these cracks can save you about £20 per year on energy bills, with an added £15 saved by installing a chimney draught excluder.