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Andy Harris
Motoring and Property Editor
1:00 AM 1st November 2023

Be Ready. Be Charged. Be Winter Smart.

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road in your classic car or sports cabriolet during the summer months. But, if you’re already thinking about putting your treasured vehicle away for the winter, CTEK, one of the leading global brands in vehicle charging solutions, has some useful advice for wise winter storage that will keep your vehicle battery in tip top condition, ready for a smooth spring start.

Mark Poole, Regional Sales Manager for CTEK said:
“Vehicles left in storage over winter need a special kind of care and attention.

“The summer heat may have put strain on your battery without you even knowing it, and once your vehicle is in storage, the battery will continue to lose charge, especially as your car is still using power in the background, even when the ignition’s turned off.

"That’s why CTEK recommends carrying out regular (at least monthly) maintenance charging with a smart battery charger and maintainer like the CTEK CS ONE.

"This will keep your battery topped up and in peak condition through the winter months, and you can be confident that the engine will start right when you need it, the moment spring comes around again.

“And it’s super safe – you can leave CS ONE connected to your vehicle’s battery all winter for continuous maintenance and top up charging. CTEK technology means you can leave the charger attached indefinitely without risk of over or undercharging, just hook it up, then come back in six months’ time and know your battery is fully maintained and your pride and joy will be ready to spring into action when you are!

“There is actually a very narrow margin between a fully charged battery and a chemically discharged one, and even a small drop in charge can compromise battery health, as sulphate crystals can build up, degrading the battery, reducing capacity, and even making replacement necessary.

“Battery failure can also damage or compromise a vehicle’s electronics, which could be even more costly, so it really does pay to get into a routine of regular maintenance charging while your car is in storage, especially as regular maintenance charging can actually extend your battery’s life by up to three times!”

CTEK’s CS ONE is the perfect tool for winter battery charging and maintenance. It uses Adaptive Charging Technology, or APTO technology as CTEK call it, which recognises what type of battery you’re using, how big it is and what type of charge it needs. A dedicated and unique charging programme is then automatically delivered to the battery, to exactly meet its needs. The charger will also tell you how long it is until the battery is charged and ready to go. It also has an automatic ambient temperature sensor that adjusts the output voltage – even in conditions right down to -30°C (-22°C) – so it’ll never under or overcharge your battery.

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