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1:00 AM 28th October 2023

Almost One In Five Brits Think Tea Is Actually Overrated


Tea versus coffee, diet versus full fat, champagne versus prosecco - Brits often pick a side. But which drinks do the nation agree are the most overrated out there? TopRatedCasinos surveyed British consumers to find out which drinks aren't worth the crockery they're poured in.

Image by dungthuyvunguyen from Pixabay
Image by dungthuyvunguyen from Pixabay
The most overrated alcoholic drinks in the UK

Champagne was declared the most overrated drink

Despite being the most expensive, and arguably luxurious, drink of those included in the survey, more than half (51%) of Brits think Champagne is overrated. This opinion increases with age, as Brits over the age of 55 (60%) are more likely to think Champagne is overrated than those between the ages of 25 and 34 (44%). This could explain why Champagne houses, like Veuve Clicquot, are starting to target a millennial wine market.

Champagne isn’t the only wine variety that Brits had something to say about. It’s Rosé not-all-day in the UK, with almost a third (29%) of Brits calling the pink-tinged wine overrated.

Brits label Espresso Martinis and Aperol Spritz as the most overrated cocktails

For the better part of this millennium, Espresso and Pornstar Martinis have been two of the most popular drinks on UK cocktail menus. That’s why it’s surprising to see nearly 19 million Brits find the two drinks overrated. In fact, Espresso Martinis tie Aperol Spritz, the UK’s sunny weather go-to, as the most overrated cocktail (40%).

Over 12.5 million Brits think beer is overrated

One of the most shocking stats of all, given its popularity in pubs up and down the country, is that 12.5 million Brits believe beer to be overrated. With that being said, beer unsurprisingly falls quite low in the overall ranking of overrated drinks.

RankDrinkPercent of Brits that say this drink is overratedNumber of Brits who say this drink is overrated
1 Champagne 51% 24,140,767
2 Prosecco 42% 19,755,655
3 Espresso Martini 40% 18,986,399
4 Aperol Spritz 39% 18,493,329
5 Long Island Iced Tea 37% 17,380,333
6 Pornstar martini 35% 16,447,803
7 Red wine 32% 14,927,799
8 Mojito 31% 14,458,386
9 Margarita 30% 14,308,926
10 Rosé wine 29% 13,869,568
11 Beer 27% 12,544,308
12 White wine 26% 12,357,589
13 Cider 24% 11,383,378

Tea vs Coffee

It likely comes as no surprise that Brits consider coffee more overrated than tea – but what is alarming is the number of Brits who still say they aren’t partial to a hot cup of tea. Over 10 million Brits believe coffee is overrated, but there are still 8 million Brits who say the same for tea.

Iced coffee appears to be an increasingly popular drink amongst younger generations, no matter the season, with 10.3 billion ‘Iced Coffee’ hashtag views on TikTok. However, it seems that the iced coffee trend may have the older generations raising a few eyebrows, as twice as many boomers (46%) believe iced coffee to be overrated than Gen Z (23%).

RankDrinkPercent of Brits that say this drink is overratedNumber of Brits who say this drink is overrated
1 Matcha 40% 19,034,353
2 Herbal tea 39% 18,269,024
3 Iced coffee 37% 17,522,830
4 Coffee 22% 10,331,703
5 Tea 18% 8,648,280

Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

It seems that the full-fat fizzy colas triumph over their diet counterparts, as Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi come in joint first place as the most overrated of the bunch (35%). This is followed by Coke Zero (34%), Pepsi Max (32%), Coke (30%) and Pepsi (29%).

Apologies to all the Diet Coke Girlies taking time out of your day to produce Diet Coke TikTok recipes that might not get as much appreciation as they had hoped for.

RankDrinkPercent of Brits that say this drink is overratedNumber of Brits who say this drink is overrated
=1 Diet Coke 35% 16,605,780
=1 Diet Pepsi 35% 16,474,040
2 Coke Zero 34% 16,119,785
3 Pepsi Max 32% 15,096,649
4 Coke 30% 14,313,367
5 Pepsi 29% 13,743,285

There you have it, the nation’s verdict on the drinks they find aren’t worth the hype. Is your favourite drink featured among the overrated? If so, will this change your opinion of the drink or will you rebel against popular opinion and continue to enjoy it shamelessly?