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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
12:00 AM 6th July 2024

Albums: Kasabian Happenings

Kasabian Happenings

Darkest Lullaby; Call; How Far Will You Go; Come Back To Me Good; G.O.A.T; Passengers; Hell Of It; Italian Horror; Bird In A Cage; Algorithms

Label: Sony

Kasabian has had to undergo a massive rehaul. With the departure of frontman Tom Meighan due to her personal misdemeanours, Kasabian had to reconsider their sound. They ventured further into a rock sound with 2022's The Alchemist's Euphoria, but for their eighth studio album, Happenings, they declared their entry into a fuller dance era.

With their not-so-secret appearance at Glastonbury, they showcased their new material and how it marries nicely with their earlier indie dance leanings. Serge Pizzorno, now sole frontman and album writer/producer, demonstrated that he was more than capable of moving the band forward to even greater success than their blockier beginnings.

The album opener, Darkest Lullaby, sets the scene perfectly, with the synth-driven dance beats and lighter vocals creating a sense of dizzying euphoria. It is the escapism that defines the album's throughline, with the summer anthem Coming Back To Me Good proving the album's pivotal and true standout moment.

While there is no denying that Pizzorno does not boast Tom Meighan's bold vocals, his lighter vocals really suit the dancier vibes of their new sound.