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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
4:00 AM 26th December 2021

Album Review: jackie: Hey Angel

jackie: Hey Angel
4 Stars

My Best Years; Love To Give; Right This Time (Don't Wanna Be); Leaving Tomorrow (Figure It Out); Filter; I Can't Forget The Feeling

jackie is a Toronto based trio comprised of vocalist Jackie Mohr, drummer Max Trefler and guitarist Marc Girardin. And while little more is known about the trio, not a lot more needs to be known when their music speaks volumes for them. As they release their EP, Hey Angel, they have already started garnering comparisons to Courtney Barnett and Sharon Van Etten based on the success of their 2020 EP, New At Drugs. Neither of these are misplaced for their upcoming EP either,
which sees the Lisse-esque vocals of Mohr thrown centre stage with great effect.

At just 6 songs in length, Hey Angel is all to brief, but it is faultlessly enjoyable from the start to the finish. While there is a clear radio standout moment in the epic Right This Moment (Don't Wanna Be), this is a record from a band on the brink of the big time - even
if it may need a little bit of a radio edit to clean up the language.

EP opener, My Best Years, is without doubt though the best showcase of the rawer edge of Mohr's vocal. With echoes of early Katy Rose and the
grit of Brandi Carlile, this is the most direct the EP gets and it is easily the stand out moment. However, with a softer side to the vocal on Filter, it is clear that there is a little bit of Sheryl Crow influence that it would be interesting to hear heavier in the mix.

Hey Angel is a very strong follow-up to New At Drugs. jackie may not yet have fully established themselves on the musical map, but they are on the edge of great things.