Lancashire Times
A Voice of the North
Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
2:59 PM 13th November 2021

Album Review: ZuZu Queensway Tunnel

4 Stars

Timing; Lie To Myself; My Old Life Mp33:37; The Van Is Evil; Toaster; Bevy Head; Where'd You Go; Never Again; Endlessly Yours; Queensway Tunnel

Hype is an interesting double-edged sword. While it can help amass interest in an artist, it can simultaneously apply an unnecessary sense of expectation to an artist. Zuzu is a hype artist. Having made an impressive name for herself off the back of two EPs and a series of
sensational support slots, the Liverpudlian songsmith arrives at the release of her debut album, Queensway Tunnel, with an incredible amount of pressure to deliver the next big album.

While many would buckle under this pressure, Zuzu manages to simply take it in her stride. Queensway Tunnel takes the impressive work of her EPs and marries it together with a more commercially driven edge to deliver an album that is effortlessly her own.

Delivered in her distinctive Merseyside accent, Queensway Tunnel boasts ten striking songs and zero filler. While there are echoes of Shea Seger, Wolf Alice, Catatonia, Katy Rose and She Drew The Gun, her album does not emulate the past successes of others, instead pushing forward to forge her own place within the industry.

In a musical marketplace that is over-saturated by too many hype artists that are simple replicas of already celebrated artists, Zuzu is a breath of fresh air. While My Old Life and Never Again may be the album's crowning moments, there is plenty contained within the release
to indicate that even better is yet to come.