Lancashire Times
Weekend Edition
Jan Harris
Deputy Group Editor
12:00 AM 4th December 2023

Adding A Touch Of Star Quality To Masons Chocolate Vodka

Are you looking for a moment of pure chocolate indulgence? If so, why not make it a Masons Chocolate Vodka?

Masons has introduced the 'smooth and decadent' chocolate tipple, with its deep cocoa notes and a creamy finish as the perfect tipple to sip and savour on a cold winter evening!

After reading the advertising slogan I eagerly awaited my sample arriving, already anticipating what it would taste like.

The bottle duly landed on my doorstep and as I looked at the label my suspense was heightened, I was ready to taste chocolate with a real kick.

Alas that wasn't my experience, I could taste the vodka but the chocolate was not permeating my taste buds.

I was looking to savour the sort of chocolate I love to eat.

Having sampled a measure or two I knew the point would come where I would be saying to my husband: "Yes there was a chocolate taste but no, as a drink on its own it was not for me."

Then it came to pass that the star shining over my drinks cabinet took my eye to a bottle of Baileys. It was a revelation!

A touch of ice, Baileys poured over it, and a measure of Masons Chocolate Vodka.

To my surprise and great delectation I had created a cocktail, which delighted my tastebuds and produced that moment of pure chocolate indulgence.

Now I am happy to quote their advertising blurb: 'With its deep cocoa notes and a creamy finish it’s the perfect tipple to sip and savour on a cold winter evening!'

But not, I hasten to add, on the rocks!

For the New Year it would be good to experiment with Masons Espresso Vodka as I am an ardent coffee drinker.

For more information about Masons and their cocktails go to: