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Nathan Lane
Wine Correspondent
1:04 AM 27th May 2023

A Taste Of Rosé Sunshine

Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay
Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay
Our Wine Correspondent, Nathan Lane has been on the search for a trio of rosé wines to celebrate the sun coming out this bank holiday weekend.

LeftField Rosé Hawkes Bay

A blend of Merlot, Arneis and Pintotage, this New Zealand rosé is an easy drinking option that will help to pass the time on a sunny day in the garden.

It’s light on the nose with fresh grass and berries. It’s similar to a Provence rosé in colour but lacks the depth or more complex flavours that fans of Whispering Angel or Chateau Leoube enjoy. A round flavour in the mouth, it offers a big slug of strawberry and a short finish. It pairs well with pasta or a green salad or can be drunk on its own, ideally when chilled.

It felt thin and one-dimensional for a wine that promises an explosion of flavour with strawberry, cranberry and raspberry.

Overall, it was pretty disappointing. There are some great New Zealand rosé wines, but this isn’t one of them.

Available from Waitrose for £10.99

Mirabeau Pure Rosé Provence

Fans of classic Provence rosé will not be disappointed by this well-priced option. It will make a perfect addition to any summer evening or long lunch.

In the glass, it's a pale pink colour that is almost translucent. If you stick your nose in the glass, you get melon and peach with a hint of cherry. It has lots of fruit to offer, with strawberry, peach and melon and a mineral finish that is well balanced. It has a well-balanced rounded feel that makes it incredibly moreish.

Domaine Mirabeau is located on the French Riviera in the municipality of the Golfe de Saint-Tropez. The owners, Stephen and Jenny, sold up and left London to follow their dream of making great rosé wine. It is now one of the most popular rosé wine brands in the UK and also exports to Australia and the US.

The Mirabeau Pure is a classic example Provence rosé and feels like a bargain at £12.99 from Waitrose. So grab some while you can.

Available in Waitrose for £12.99.

Vacances, Val de Combres.

If you like big, punchy rosé wines, this is the one for you.

It’s a darker red, almost a cherry colour. The deep colour is reflected on the nose with a blast of cherry and pepper. Take a big slug, and you get cassis, cranberry and strawberry with undertones of earthy mushroom and a hint of spice. It has a dry finish that leaves a pleasant zing on the tongue.

Vacances is a thicker, chewier red that can be enjoyed on its own or would pair well with a summer salad.

A heavier rosé made with 100% Grenache. It is left on the skins for just 24 hours to create a purity of fruit with strong flavours. A biodynamic wine, it is fermented with native yeasts, unfiltered and unfined, with no additional sulphites.

If lighter French rosés aren’t for you, give this option a try. It’s summer in a glass.

Available from Wayward Wines from £21.50

Our wine enthusiast Nathan lives in Leeds and runs PR and marketing company Campfire PR