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10:15 PM 20th November 2023

72% Of People In North West England Enjoy Listening To Birds, New Research Reveals

Bringing the joy of the outdoors, audio brand, Pure, has teamed up with Chris Packham, the much-loved naturalist and television presenter, to spread the love of birdsong this winter. New research, conducted by Pure, has revealed the connection between Brits and their feathered friends. Out of 2,000 participants, hearing birds chirping is one of the best things about spending time outdoors for 53% of people living in North West England, and 44% of them insist it helps with their mental health.

Hearing birds sing makes 25% of people in North West England feel happy and 17% feel peaceful. With these positive effects, it's clear that nature's melodies have a soothing impact on our well-being. A whopping 72% of people in North West England enjoy listening to them, while 47% say it makes them feel more connected to nature.

The research further reveals that the most commonly identified birdsongs in North West England are the Blackbird, Wood Pigeon, and House Sparrow. In response the audio brand Pure has developed an online game testing the knowledge on the different types of birdsongs.

However, it isn't just about listening to birds; the study also found the average person living in North West England could confidently identify 3 to 4 bird species by their appearance. For 19% of them, bird watching is already a hobby.

To prove their love of birds, 42% of people in North West England have a bird feeder in their garden.

Chris Packham expressed:
"As a lifelong advocate for the beauty of nature and a passionate bird enthusiast, I am delighted that the connection between Brits and birdsong is being celebrated and researched. Birds bring us so much joy, and their songs have the power to transform our moods and elevate our well-being.

"The findings of this research with Pure to celebrate their new Woodland range resonate with my own experiences. Birdsongs have a unique and magical way of connecting us to the natural world. The fact that a quarter of people feel happy and over 20 percent feel peaceful when they listen to birdsong is not surprising, but is a testament to the impact these creatures have on our lives. It's heartening to know that even in this fast-paced, digital age, something as simple and beautiful as the songs of our feathered friends can offer such comfort and respite.

"I'm so pleased to be partnering with Pure to bring the love of birdsong to Brits this winter. Whether you're a seasoned birdwatcher or a novice, their interactive digital game is a great way to entertain and educate people about the diverse world of birds and their songs.

"So let's embrace the tunes of the Blackbird, Wood Pigeon, House Sparrow, and all the other charming birds that grace our skies, discover the beauty and wonder that surrounds us and celebrate our connection to the natural world."

But people in North West London aren't just enjoying birdsong outdoors, they're also inviting it into their homes. When it comes to inside the home, 10% of those polled via listen to birdsong playlists at home to help them sleep or relax.

Hubert Eiter, Chief Marketing Officer at Pure, says:
"We’re surprised to see the younger generation are taking the sound of birds into their home to help them get to sleep. It’s something which is lovely to see and we hope it continues as there are so many benefits from listening to the beautiful animals – whether that be in nature or coming from a speaker in your home. That's why we launched the Woodland Speaker to bring the beauty of nature closer to home. We’re delighted to be giving away free bird houses with every purchase of the Woodland speaker to encourage people to be more involved with helping all kinds of feathered friends.”

The study conducted by Pure celebrates the launch of the Woodland Speaker. With every purchase on of the Woodland Portable Speaker, Pure is giving away a free bird house and all profits from these sales until the end of the year will be donated to The Woodland Trust UK Charity. And for those not in need of a speaker now, they can win a number of great prices including a GoView monocular (used by Chris Packham) by playing the game at


Wood pigeon
House sparrow
Eagle / European Robin / Raven