Lancashire Times
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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
10:22 AM 24th December 2021

2021 Top 60 Albums 50-41

With Country, Soul and Pop having dominated the first stages of our Top 60 Albums countdown, we continue to highlight the albums that stood out for us in the year we said farewell to Prince Phillip, welcomed Joe Biden as US President and marked the first commercial flight to space.

50. STACEY – Saturn Return

Key Moments: D.M.T, One Woman, Good Feeling

49. Mahmood – Ghettolimpo

Key Moments: Zero, Kobra, Talata

48. Revolverheld – Neu erzählen

Key Moments: Leichter, Nicht so wie die

47. Jane Weaver – Flock

Key Moments: Heartlow, Flock, Solarised

46. The Pirouettes – Equilibre

Key Moments: Oulala, Tu parles trop, Pli du Coeur

45. Sheppard – Kaleidoscope Eyes

Key Moments: Die Young, Animals, Brand New

44. Martha Wainwright – Love Will Be Reborn

Key Moments: Rainbow, Being Right, Love Will Be Reborn

43. Inhaler – It Won’t Always Be Like This

Key Moments: Cheer Up Baby, Totally, In My Sleep

42. Francis Lung – Miracle

Key Moments: Bad Hair Day, Say So

41. Elisa – No Meu Canto

Key Moments: Parva, Entrega, Normal