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3:00 AM 24th May 2022

10 In 10 – Carmen Martinez Lerga

Carmen Martinez Lerga Technical Manager at ROCOL is the latest regional business professional in the hot seat as we give her just 10 minutes to answer our 10 burning questions.

What does a typical working day for you involve?

The majority of my day is taken up with meetings and talking to people across all areas of the business to see how I can help and solve the problems that they may be having. I have a rule that I let the experts be the experts and I try to help them by making their job easier.

What makes your company special?

The atmosphere at ROCOL is fantastic. Everyone here is really nice, very knowledgeable and open to sharing their experience and skills. That makes it a great place to come every day and makes me want to help those around me be happy in their roles.

Do you have any business rules that you swear by?

Very simply, a colleague’s health comes first. That is from both a health and safety point of view and much more generally.

Do you dress up or down for work?

Now that I don’t do as much work in the laboratory, I much prefer to dress up for work.

What piece of advice would you give your 18-year old self?

Carry on studying. At the age of 18, I stopped studying as I thought that I wanted to get a job and earn money. It took me a little while to realise that there is no substitute for having qualifications and started studying again.

What’s your favourite Yorkshire venue for an event or team away day?

I’m a little biased as it is somewhere that my partner and I support, but I think Leeds Children’s Charity at Lineham Farm near Leeds is a fantastic place to spend time with colleagues.

How do you prefer to travel for business?

As most of my travel is international, I tend to fly and travel light. If I’m in the UK then I drive most places as it is easier and more flexible.

What’s your favourite place in Yorkshire to relax?

I absolutely love York. You can have a nice cream tea, the crepes from the Shambles Market are amazing and there is so much history in the city. There is also a fantastic art gallery and events like the Yorkshire Fringe. It’s a great place to spend time in.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Yorkshire, and what dish do you recommend?

This is a tough one as there is so many great places. I do love Kirkstall Brewery though. Not only do they have great beers, the blue cheese, walnut and honey pizza is amazing.

What do you miss most about Yorkshire when you’re away?

Yorkshire tea. I’m from Barcelona, but I always take a box with me when I visit home.